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SEB, One Carter Lane, London, EC4

Security was of paramount concern for this leading Nordic bank. The client required a high end IP based security system which allowed future expansion, upgrade possibilities and integration.

Our Solution - We installed a fully integrated Honeywell IP Access Control and CCTV system which exceed all of the clients requirements and expectations. The integrated system consisted of a networked platform of:

  • Network video recording
  • 25 Megapixel cameras
  • 42 Access controlled doors
  • Full IP Intercom interfaced with telephone system

Fidelity designed the new system so that it integrated seamlessly with the existing landlord’s access control system, separate garage ACS and the existing systems in SEB’s European offices. We utilised one card / fob to enable clients and staff to move freely and without delay or restriction between offices and countries. In addition, a smart card facility was designed to ensure it interfaced with three different systems and allowed for cashless vending and photo-copying control.

Obstacles we overcame

One of the complications for the build was integrating the new system to the existing landlord’s system. The client had moved from a building which contained many legacy systems including the electronic systems and were keen to ensure that any system installed would be future proof, so that any advancements in technology or efficiencies could be readily and simply implement without the need for any major re-cabling or structural works.

We achieved this by utilising high speed Cat6 cabling for all Cable runs below 90M and installed a dedicated fibre optic link from the main server room in the basement to the secondary control locations on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

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